About Us

Safe On Site Inc. is your local Workplace Safety Training Specialists in Tillsonburg, Ontario


At Safe On Site Inc, we’re here to help.

We believe workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility. Our mission is to help our community and beyond, be safe at work; through knowledge and education, individuals will be empowered to identify potential hazards within a workspace, and to make a difference that truly matters. We want everyone to Work Safe, Together.

Our Values

We value the coming together of businesses, leaders and workers to make safety awareness top of mind, and to ultimately eliminate accidents within the work place all together. Whether it’s a small town or a big city, and across every industry imaginable, everyone deserves the knowledge to make the difference.

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Hear From Our Founder

What led you to start Safe On Site?

The reason why I started this business is because I saw there was a need in my community for greater awareness to be safe at work. Not just for myself but also for my co-workers, my family and friends. While living through this current pandemic, it has become crystal clear how everyday safety plays a role in everyone’s day. When we all participate, great things can happen. I truly believe it is everyone’s responsibility to be safe at work and education is the key. I want this for every business; whether it’s retail, construction, manufacturing, health care or “ma and pa” stores…and not just in my home town, but everywhere.

Has that reason, mission, or vision changed over the years?

My vision remains steadfast; for this town to be rock solid when it comes to workplace safety, and ultimately be an example for every other town to follow.

Interested in learning more?

Safe On Site Inc. truly wants you to be Safe On Site at your worksite. If you need assistance identifying areas within your worksite that need attention, we’re here to help.

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