Safe On Site Inc. provides workplace safety consulting services to help you identify, assess, and remove safety hazards in the workplace.

Reduce Risk, Increase Productivity , Proactively.

Safe On Site Inc. truly wants you to be Safe On Site at your worksite. If you need assistance identifying areas within your worksite that need attention, we’re here to help. As a third-party participant, we can be that fresh set of eyes that identifies opportunities that may not be visible to you because they have become routine. We can not only identify these, but also provide solutions to ensure everyone remains Safe On Site!

Workplace Audit

Safe On Site Inc. provides consultants who can perform comprehensive audits of your workplace to the Occupational Health & Safety standards, giving you an unbiased and independent review.

Step One

Initial Research and Fact Finding
To complete a successful Safety Audit, it is important to collect all of the necessary document, records and company procedures are readily available when the audit begins. Employee knowledge, written programs, record keeping, employee training and equipment all aspects of the audit.

Step Two

Review the Findings & Make Recommendations Based on the Provided Data
Combining the date to formulate a concise report will be based on a set of questions;” Does the program cover all regulatory and best industry practice?”, “Are the program requirements being met?”, “Is there documented proof of compliance?”, “Is employee training effective?” …all deficiencies will be noted so recommendations can be presented

Step Three

Take Corrective Active & Publish the Results

We will make findings and recommendations available, inform you of the necessary changes required to be compliant and suggest ways to implement them. Workplace safety audits seek to identify whether safety management systems are operating as they should and help identify hazards that could cause workplace injuries and accidents. By getting all managers and supervisors involved, completing a Workplace Audit will strengthen your overall safety culture within your company.

Let's Work Together

At Safe On Site Inc. we believe that safety in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility that’s why we’ve made it our mission to help businesses of all sizes, in every industry, by providing the education that makes a difference. Let’s work together to eliminate workplace accidents all together.